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About US


We started this business with the main idea of Family. In the Vidrio family we love to make lots of memorable moments that we will forever keep. So we decided to start this with the plan in mind to feel taken care of as if you are part of our family. We also make sure the business stays family owned and create job opportunities for does that need them. So when you stay with us know that we will guarantee home like comfort and unforgettable memories.

San Diego 

All of our preparties will have amazing views of San Diego. You will have Visitor Handbooks which will show you all of the attractions and local Hotspots for you to enjoy. We also offer a cook book with our own family recipes and recipes that past guest left for you to try. 

Support and Care

Stay with us knowing you will have the attention and care of Casas Vidrio that no other place has. We offer 24/7 support during your stay. Our cleaning team has year of experience and will make sure that all parts of the house are clean and up to our expectations ready for you to enjoy. 

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